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WEEK OF MARCH 26, 2023

  • April's Fellowship Meal will be the first Sunday.

  • The Ladies' Bible Study is at 3 pm tomorrow.

  • The Brinegars will be on vacation March 16-30.   Mr. Bob Carver fills the pulpit today.

  • Canaveral Port Ministry needs volunteers. If interested, Debbie Mann can provide details.

  • Our Mission of the Month for March is Pastor Jim Bjur. His daughter Becky is getting married soon.

  •  A sign-up sheet for Closing up the church after services is on the bulletin board.

  • Hearing Aids are available in the vestibule for the services



  • Pauline Suiter is waiting for the results of her biopsy.

  • Danny Cook is is home recovering from a stroke and is making progress. He is experiencing neuropathy in his feet.

  • Claire Liss is recovering from knee problems at home.

  • David & Catherine Hodge, pray for them as Malawi deals with a cholera outbreak. 

  • Anna Blizzard is looking for work.

  • There are several unspoken requests in our congregation.

  • Barbara Hammond is looking for a place to rent.

  • Pray for our Administration in the White House. Pray for our leaders.

  • Christian military chaplains are under attack for their witness.

  • Many of our people have unspoken requests for prayer.

  • Pray for our Nation and Armed Forces.

  • Pray of the peace of Jerusalem.

  • Pray for our Missionaries and their needs. The falling value of the dollar has caused missionaries to have a shortfall in meeting their needs.

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