WEEK OF JULY 25, 2021


  • Synod is 11 days away. We will need your help! If you would like to participate in the Sacred Concert, please speak with Pastor Steve or Susan Young. On Aug. 8 we will have a fellowship meal. We are hosting 65 extra people, so please bring extra food. If you are interested in helping and have not yet spoken to Pastor Steve, please let him know.

  • The Lord's Supper will be celebrated next Sunday. Prayer Meeting on Wed. evening will be our preparatory service.

  •  A sign-up sheet for Closing up the church after services is on the bulletin board.

  • Hearing Aids are available in the vestibule for the services


  • Dave & Peggy will be driving to Florida to help at Synod. Pray for safety on Thurs. & Fri.

  • Ron & Kathy are driving home to Florida today.

  • Darryl Rosado had half his colon removed. He is recovering at home. They believe the prevailing problem is resolved.

  • Hannah Blizzard is having back pain. Her MRI came back clear. She continues to be in pain.

  • Bonny Brown's will see a doctor about her eye tomorrow.

  • Hunter (from Lakeland BP church) was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. He has been told there is nothing more the doctors can do. Scans showed the middle part of Hunter's tumor is shrinking. The doctors plan to attempt to focus on the outside now.

  • Pray for our new Administration in the White House. Pray for our leaders.

  • Christian military chaplains are under attack for their witness.

  • Many of our people have unspoken requests for prayer.

  • Pray for our Nation and Armed Forces.

  • Pray of the peace of Jerusalem.

  • Pray for our Missionaries and their needs. The falling value of the dollar has caused missionaries to have a shortfall in meeting their needs.