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  • Fellowship Night is this Wednesday, Sept. 20 after the evening bible study.

  • Canaveral Port Ministry needs volunteers. If interested, Debbie Mann can provide details.

  • Our Mission of the Month for September is Operation Christmas Child. Pray for all those who will receive boxes.

  • The Brinegers will be on vacation from Sept. 4-18

  • Starting September 20, Wednesday evening study will be based on Competing Spectacles: Treasuring Christ in the Media Age by Tony Reinke.

  • On October 16, we will have leadership training for all the men of the church. The class is open to all men, and there will be three sessions.

  • Steve and Susan Young are settling into their new place.

  • Lydia's new address : 2007 55th Ave E. Bradenton, FL 34203

  • A sign-up sheet for Closing up the church after services is on the bulletin board.

  • Hearing Aids are available in the vestibule for the services


  • Kathy Jakubowski will have a breast biopsy on Wednesday the 20th.

  • Judith Collins, a missionary to Kenya, suffered a stroke. She will spend about a month in personal care home for rehab. 

  • Carole Whitbeck is home from the hospital.

  • Bill Suiter has physical needs. Tests are being done.

  • Susan & Steve are preparing to move to Cape Canaveral.

  • Felicity Brinegar - Pray for her as she has physical therapy. 

  • Jill Blizzard is dealing with rheumatoid arthritis and is in pain, especially in the mornings.

  • Danny Cook's neuropathy is improving and continues to recover from the stroke.

  • There are several unspoken requests in our congregation.

  • Pray for our Administration in the White House. Pray for our leaders.

  • Christian military chaplains are under attack for their witness.

  • Many of our people have unspoken requests for prayer.

  • Pray for our Nation and Armed Forces.

  • Pray of the peace of Jerusalem.

  • Pray for our Missionaries and their needs. The falling value of the dollar has caused missionaries to have a shortfall in meeting their needs.

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