*  Ladies Bible Study is Monday afternoon, Jan. 20, at the church, in the family center, at 1:00 pm.

   *  Susan Young & Danielle Blizzard will give their report on their missions trip to Peru in Sunday School, Sun, Feb. 2.

   *  We will have a Baby Shower for the Agape Pregnancy Center here on Feb. 8. Gifts will support the mission of                 APC. There is a list of needs on the bulletin board in the vestibule at church.

   * Lydia Blizzard's address for college is  PCC Box 1188, 250 Brent Lane, Pensacola, FL  32503

   *  Mission of the Month is David and Catherine Hodge. They are missionaries in Malawi. Catherine is a doctor and           works in the local hospital.

   *   A sign-up sheet for Cleaning up after fellowship dinner and goody night is on the bulletin board.

   *  A sign-up sheet for Closing up the church after services is on the bulletin board.

   *   Hearing Aids are available in the vestibule for the services


  • Sharon Blizzard's surgery on her ACL went well and is recovering at home.  Her mother, Becky is there to help.

  • Jean Calarese's daughter, Pam, is looking for work.

  • Kevin Whitbeck , Becky Blizzard, Nancy Paashaus, Mike Schooley and Jack Childs continue to recovery and heal from their surgeries.

  • There are many physical needs and doctors visits happening among our congregation.

  • Pray for our new Administration in the White House. Pray for our leaders.

  • Christian military chaplains are under attack for their witness.

  • Many of our people have unspoken requests for prayer.

  • Pray for our Nation and Armed Forces.

  • Pray of the peace of Jerusalem.

  • Pray for our Missionaries and their needs. The falling value of the dollar has caused missionaries to have a shortfall in meeting their needs.