APRIL 4, 2020

Service Info: (If you don’t feel comfortable singing the hymns, read them aloud.)


Suggested Hymns:

 1.   1   Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee

 2.   228  Rejoice, The Lord is King

 3.   406  My Hope is in the Lord


Order of Service:

  • Announcements  (At the bottom of page)

  • Prayer

  • Westminster Shorter Catechism #9

    • Question: What is the work of creation?

    • Answer:  The work of creation is, God's making all things of nothing, by the word of his power, in the space of six days, and all very good.

  • Bible reading - Psalm 10

  • Pastoral Prayer

  • Bible reading (Sermon Text) - Isaiah 35

  • Sermon - The Comfort of God's People.

  • Closing Prayer




  • If there is trouble with the live stream, please check the archive later in the day. A clean copy will be uploaded.

  • Services are suspended through April 30th. In light of this extension, we will be adding two services. Each Sunday, we will have both a morning and evening message. This evenings message will be live streamed. Future weeks may be recorded ahead of time and uploaded to the archive at 6:00 pm.

  • Tithe and Offering can be mailed to the church or dropped off when Pastor Brinegar is here. We are taking steps to protect these offerings.

  • Contact Pastor Steve if you need:

    • Help with the live stream 

    • Help with shopping


Prayer Requests:

  • Dr. Blizzard has two blockages. He is taking some new medicine for the next two weeks and will see his doctor again.

  • Sue Bogan's son, George, is on a ventilator with COVID-19 in New Jersey.

  • Anna Blizzard's store was forced to close when the mall closed.

  • The 91 year old member in the Lakeland BP church did NOT have COVID-19, it was bronchitis.

  • Sharon is dealing with pain and swelling as she works each day.

  • For all those impacted by the coronavirus 

    •  Doctors, nurses and first responders

    • Those who are sick

    • Those out of work

    • Teachers and students 

    • Officials making decisions

    • Parents of school children 

    • Those working in the supply chain 

    • Those traveling overseas unable to return

    • The session of the church 

  • Our unity during this time of social distancing.

  • Liz Robinson is making progress

Sermon Information:  The Comfort of God's People

Thesis: Places of desolations shall become places of joy because of God.

Purpose: To provide comfort in our present circumstances.


1. Places of desolations (1)

2. Shall become places of great joy

     1. ______________________________(1.2)

     2. ______________________________

     3. ______________________________(5,6)

     4. _____________________________(7)

     5. ___________________________(8,9)

     6. Worship (10)

3. Because of our God

     1. The  _______________ of God (2b)

     2. Things ____________ when God ______________. (4b)

Lessons (3,4)

1. The sufferings of this present age cannot compare to the glory that is to be revealed in us.

2. If our God can turn this cursed-wretched world into such a splendor, He can do that with anything you face.

     1. My hardest task in ministry.

     2. My greatest joy in ministry.


Suggested Hymns

1.  461  He leadeth Me

2. 463   Precious Lord, Take my Hand

Sermon Title:  Is This Enough?

Sermon Text:  Luke 9:10-16